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We often judge books by their cover, so it should come as no surprise that wine label come under the same scrutiny.
Like publications, wine labels don’t all fit in the same categories. The pictorial real estate, despite being small, can convey a range of feelings and attitudes: from serious to edgy and edgy to timeless, carefree and depending on what kind of mood you’re in, or how much you enjoy the label’s design, it can convince or dissuade you from picking a particular bottle to consume.
It’s not easy to craft the perfect wine label, but we had done it beautifully. Somewhere we use inventive typography while at others we did fantastic illustrations but  we put out best for getting good results.

Typography we used in wine label

The label has beautiful lettering, crafted with pen and ink by Contino and then translated into digital form. The scripted text has the feeling of old-world correspondence, and conjures images of a sea captain writing to his loved ones at home. With a nice glass of wine, of course.


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